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Say What You Need to Say

Sooo….I allowed some thoughts and ideas to swirl around in my head this morning about what today’s blog would be about and….Nuthin!!  

Well, that’s not entirely accurate, I first thought about the senseless murder of a community business owner earlier this week and how everyone spoke of how nice this man was.  Endless comments have been uttered about his kindness, his sense of humor, how much they enjoyed going in his store because he always had something to say to them, how he knew everyone, and how long he had been a fixture in the community. I really didn’t want to focus on this very sad tragic event but then I thought of the three friends that I have lost over the last few months. I went to their services and listened to everyone speak about their endearing qualities and how much they will be missed and the first thing that came to mind was this song that I heard during a commercial or something that said “say what you need to say.”  This made me wonder.  Do we take the time to tell those who mean something to us how much we care about them?  Do we tell them how we consider them a friend or loved one and how much they have impacted our lives?  Do we say what we need to say?  It’s wonderful to cherish the memories of those we have cared about, loved, and lost, but how sweet it would be if the words are spoken while they can still be music to their ears.

How many people live their lives being a light in someone’s day without going out of their way to do anything special; they are just being who they are; but being who they are means the world to someone who may not get a kind word, thought, or deed sent their way any other time.  That person isn’t looking for accolades or applause but just to know that someone appreciated what they did or who they were would certainly go a long way in encouraging them to continue even during those times when they are the ones who need to be lifted up.

Life is but a vapor; a fleeting moment that is here and then gone in an instant….Say what you need to say to anyone you need to say it to.  Don’t wait for the candlelight vigil in their honor.  Let them know now so when all is said and done and they are gone from this life, you will know that you said exactly what you needed to say exactly when you needed to say it.


Writer Unblocked

I started blogging just over 7 months ago because I felt it would help me with my writer’s block.  I thought if I had an outlet to jot down my thoughts then I would be motivated to write on a regular basis.  The juices flowed slowly for a couple of months and then quickly dried up.  I didn’t understand what happened! Surely, I had something to say…being speechless just wasn’t a part of my character.  But here I was at a loss for words; or was I?  What was really happening was not writer’s block but writer’s overflow.  I have had so many things to say, talk about, comment on, and rant about that I couldn’t get the thoughts organized enough in my mind for them to flow neatly to this blog.

Well, I have finally found a formula that will, hopefully, rectify that situation.  Recently, I had to do a project for work that included writing an advice piece for students on how to stop procrastinating. As I was typing that paper, I realized that I wasn’t really qualified to write this paper since it not only took me two days to write it, but I couldn’t stay focused long enough to follow the very advice I was providing to others.  Of course, the irony of this was not lost on me and I couldn’t resist the humor of the whole situation.  Well, paper finally completed, I had nothing left to do but take my own advice: “Stop looking at a task as daunting or overwhelming.  Take it in small pieces until you have completed what you need to do.”

I realized that I had been looking at writing as if I had to complete a novel in one fell swoop instead of a daily blog one thought at a time.  I just needed to start.  How far this goes is anybody’s guess but I do know one thing, I have completed my “research” on Procrastination and I feel like I am on the path of going from Expert to Novice.  Perhaps if I had not been so great at Procrastination I would have never realized that the paper I was writing for others was indeed therapy for myself.

See you next Blog!

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