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An Open Letter to Government

An Open Letter to Government.

An Open Letter to Government

Like a tired fed-up mom who has grown increasingly frustrated listening to the incessant bickering of her children to the point where I want to throw them all out and start fresh, is the feeling of deep frustration I feel listening to our leaders bash each other and bicker on national television!  The constant barrage of insults and finger-pointing is so counter-productive to the goals of this nation that it is embarrassing.  Watching grown men go at each other like children fighting during a long road trip is more than this citizen can bear!

Listening to House Speaker Boehner accuse the President of bypassing Congress to issue Executive Orders while vowing to block any attempt at accomplishing missions that this President has set forth and then to criticize him for not doing his job and taking responsibility is contradictory, juvenile, asinine, and whiny.  It’s further embarrassing to watch the President of the United States on television responding to threats of lawsuits and impeachment proceedings because he is being accused of not playing well with others.  All while Americans are being abused by a system that ignores its core needs of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

It is sad and despicable that our government is full of such egotistical, self-centered, narcissists who don’t give a real rats ass about the American people and the job they were hired to do.  Most of whom are only where they are today because of party affiliation and the propensity to be bought like prostitutes to screw their constituents once they are behind closed doors.  The Enemy, gentlemen, does not reside in another country.  The Enemy lies within the confines of our own borders in Washington, DC and individual State Governments.

As a mother, I would love to put you all on punishment by taking away your microphones, your cameras, and your gullible audiences, and making you sit in a corner and think about your actions until you learn to get along and take responsibility for your contribution of the demise of this nation.

It would be most refreshing to find someone brave enough to be more than a talking suit, buck the party system, and really do what is right, prudent, and productive for Americans.  You can’t make millions, sit in your ivory towers, and enjoy great gains all on the backs of the American people and then tell them by your actions that they are not worthy of the time and money it would take to provide decent jobs, affordable housing and college education, a healthcare system that works for all, and the right to equality regardless of race, religion (or the lack thereof), abilities, disabilities, and sexual preference.

Perhaps if we stopped worrying about what type of birth-control someone uses, who people want to legally marry, and what the real definition of “family” is (which is pretty subjective anyway), we could focus on providing a healthcare plan as good as what Congress gets, if not better; we could secure our borders and come up with a comprehensive workable Immigration Reform; we could provide our children with an education system that is not handicapped by lack of funding and maybe, just maybe, we could actually become the “United” States of America because a house divided against itself will fall and I hope and pray the landing is a hard one for all of you so you can feel the pain and suffering of those you were elected to care and provide FOR.


Fed-up and Frustrated

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