I like to challenge the localized thinking of individuals to make global change

So I’ve been trying to keep my random thoughts to myself but there are a couple of things that happened recently, one that is reaching a boiling point with me.  I will start with the not so serious one:

I was working an event where we were checking IDs for alcohol sales.  The event was an outdoor concert and the protocol is to have the patron remove their ID from their wallet and hand it to me.  I asked a young lady to do so and she asked if I could take it out because she had just had her nails done and didn’t want to mess them up.  I was not offended by nor concerned about her request so I removed the ID, checked it, and slid it back into her wallet.  After she left, a supervisor whispered, “Why is she out here if she just got her nails done?”  HUH!?! Did I miss something?!  Are you not allowed to attend events if you just had your nails done?  Is a manicure now considered a medical treatment that needs recovery time before going out in public?  Should this young lady have stayed home until her nails were at the proper drying level where she can function normally in society?  I have had manicures and cannot remember any follow-up instructions once I left except to be careful for at least an hour to make sure they were dry.  I think I felt okay to drive, shop, listen to music, and dance without feeling faint or dizzy.  Sometimes people just say stuff…there’s no rhyme or reason for it…they are just saying stuff.  So to any ladies out there who are going to get a manicure prior to attending an event where you may be asked to show your ID before purchasing alcohol, let me offer this one piece of advice…take your ID out of your wallet before you get your nails done or just stay at home!

My second rant is a bit more serious but still on the same basis of people just saying stuff.  Many of you have seen the picture of the young soldier and his bride praying before their Memorial Day wedding.  If not here it is:


This beautiful moment was captured by their photographer, Dwayne Schmidt, as the young man, who wanted to make sure they were starting their lives in God’s Will, wanted to pray before they walked down the aisle while still not seeing his bride before the ceremony.  The beauty and sanctity of this moment should be celebrated as we think of how many marriages would begin on a solid foundation if the bride and groom were more concerned about being in the will of God than the pomp of circumstance of the ceremony.  However, instead of praise this has become a center or controversy because some people just gotta say stuff.  There are those who are upset because this couple was getting married on Memorial Day.  They have been accused of being disrespectful to the fallen soldiers and their families by celebrating a new start in life.  Below are a few of the comments:

“You do realize that Memorial Day is to honor the fallen soldiers and not a wedding, right?

Given that, this is not the perfect image for Memorial Day.”

And for some, the offense was more personal:

“My brother was a Marine and dying from it now…Where was their parade, help, thank you when they came back from Vietnam? Nowhere. All he got when he got off the plane in the airport was spit on and called names. He’s hooked up to a machine; he’s never had a ‘thank you’ except from family. Wow, a wedding — it’s supposed to be for the ones that are gone…”

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!  Memorial Day is the day that is set aside to remember those who gave their lives for our freedom and no one should take that lightly, but shall I remind you that the sacredness of the day has long been shattered by the sales ads, cookouts, dances, alcohol consumption, beach going, road trips, etc. that are usually prevalent on this day.  Since when is it sacrilegious to have a wedding on, around, before, or during Memorial Day?!  Once again, people have to take something that is so pure, innocent, heart-felt, and genuine and turn it into the ugliness that this world thrives on.  This couple didn’t ask for this to become the latest and greatest internet sensation!  Nor did they expect their private moment to become a public outcry about whether or not their wedding date was appropriate.  They were simply doing what true Christians want and strive for and that is to live their lives in the will of the Lord. For those who find this objectionable, I am truly at a loss as to why.  We grieve with you and share your pain in the loss of your loved one, however Memorial Day is not only a day for mourning, but a day to celebrate life, love, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all who benefit from the sacrifice of those fallen soldiers.  May God bless this couple in their life together and may God bless and keep those families who are forever grieving for the loss of their family member who left them to never return.

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