I like to challenge the localized thinking of individuals to make global change

3am Thoughts


At these moments, the world is still
You have nothing except your mind and heart to accompany you

Usually thoughts of either your past or future flood and sometimes you forget the present,

I know I do

At times I get too regretful about my past or too anxious for my future

See, the thing about life,

It consumes your mind with “What if’s” that bring about a new level of unneeded stress

You never know how your life would be if you fulfilled your urge for instant gratification that you initially turned down in the past.

The butterfly effect,

The wave of changes that would have taken place in your life, good and bad, would’ve altered something

You would’ve just won some here and there but it’d still lead to a lose down the road

Learn to follow your heart, and be content with the outcome

Don’t be regretful…

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