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Fish Tale

It amazes me how I have looked at something many times and not until today did it speak to me in a different and profound way.  Something as simple as a commercial gave me a different perspective on challenges and obstacles of life.  This particular commercial is from Geico and it is the one with the fisherman telling a tale about a huge fish the size of his boat that he was wrestling with.  He told them that after 7 hours he declared “YOU WILL NOT BEAT ME!”  Just as he shares that declaration, his friend comes up with a small fish and asks what he wanted him to do with it.  Obviously caught in quite the “fish tale” he tightly tells his friend to put the fish in the cooler while his audience looks on.  After looking at this commercial for probably the 100th time, I realized that life’s challenges can be just like that fish tale.  How often do we see an obstacle or challenge and think it is bigger than our boat (life).  We struggle and wrestle with it declaring that it will not beat us, but in reality it is a small situation that can be easily handled.  How often I have stressed over what seemed to be an enormous situation only to have someone else show me that it really is quite manageable.  My giant fish will not beat me when I keep in mind that it really is small enough to fit in the cooler.  Breathe deep and Handle Life like a Trout and not a Whale!

https://youtu.be/TfBSPyCPVsE (click or copy and paste link to see commercial)

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