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Don’t Let the Demons Win

The news of Black Lives Matter Activist MarShawn McCarrel taking his life deeply saddens me, but the statement that he left as his final words resonated deep within my soul.  “My demons won today, I’m sorry.”  As someone who fights their own demons daily, I can understand how the voice of those demons resonated louder than his message of “Black Lives Matter.” I can only imagine that the voice of those demons quickly drowned out his until he could no longer hear the positive message that would have propelled him to continue the fight of equality and respect.

The voice of those demons in the justice system who said it’s okay for an unarmed young black man to be gunned down in the street because the police officer “felt” threatened screamed that it was wrong for us to feel outrage.

The voice of those demons who want to cry foul and boycott an African American singer because she dared to use her talent and platform to bring to light the injustices of Hurricane Katrina and celebrate her culture and the strong black women are given more credibility than the message that was being conveyed.

The voice of those demons who stand proudly on political platforms and spew hatred for anything and anyone who doesn’t look like them, think like them, or agree with them are applauded for their divisive speeches while an activist for “Black Lives Matter” is struggling to hear his own voice over the roar of the crowd telling him to “Stand Down!”

MarShawn McCarrel took on a noble cause and expected his voice, his mission, his passion to be heard, but the demons silenced him as they will all of us who allow our voices to be silenced by the privileged majority.  Black Lives do Matter!  MarShawn McCarrel’s life mattered!  And even though the demons won today, MarShawn’s life will continue to matter because he had a voice and it may be quieter now but it will never be silenced!



Shows on My Face

“Why are you looking like that?”  I have had this question asked of me more times than I can count.  My facial expressions are difficult to control when coinciding with the thoughts in my mind.  I would love to have a poker face where it’s hard to read my thoughts, but that is not the case.  On the flip side, I hope that the expressions that show evoke some type of action on the part of the observer.  That “look” that you see should cause one to pause and think about what they are saying or doing, continue on their course of action, back away slowly, run quickly, laugh heartily, show respect, love, or fear. I usually don’t intend to show my thoughts by the look on my face, but there have been more times than not that the situation has caused my face to react before my thoughts could tell my mouth what to say.  I offer no apologies because this is who I am, what I am made up of, and how I express myself sometimes without words.  There are times when my facial expressions are all I can rely on because the actual words may not express the depth of my emotions.  So, if you happen to wonder “Why I’m looking like that?”; take a moment and reflect on what has transpired between us and you may find the answer within yourself because I’m sure it shows on my face.

“Ain’t it funny that the way you feel shows on your face and no matter how you try to hide it states your case” (EWF)


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