I like to challenge the localized thinking of individuals to make global change


I am a wife, mother, and Christian who believes in challenging stuff people “just say” without thinking through the facts.

I enjoy writing, dancing, music, and performing.  I have created this post because I have far too long just accepted “stuff people say” without challenging their ideals or notations.  I believe that I have a unique perspective on issues especially relating to Christianity and worldly standards as they relate to the teachings of the Bible.  I am no Bible scholar, but I do think that most people will take a little of what they do know about the Bible and turn it into a world of knowledge that has no real basis or foundation.

I hope my posts will encourage moments of meditation and steps back to really think about what is being said rather than just jumping on the bandwagon of ignorance and going with the flow.

Peace and L.W.G. (Love With Gusto)

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