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Writer Unblocked

I started blogging just over 7 months ago because I felt it would help me with my writer’s block.  I thought if I had an outlet to jot down my thoughts then I would be motivated to write on a regular basis.  The juices flowed slowly for a couple of months and then quickly dried up.  I didn’t understand what happened! Surely, I had something to say…being speechless just wasn’t a part of my character.  But here I was at a loss for words; or was I?  What was really happening was not writer’s block but writer’s overflow.  I have had so many things to say, talk about, comment on, and rant about that I couldn’t get the thoughts organized enough in my mind for them to flow neatly to this blog.

Well, I have finally found a formula that will, hopefully, rectify that situation.  Recently, I had to do a project for work that included writing an advice piece for students on how to stop procrastinating. As I was typing that paper, I realized that I wasn’t really qualified to write this paper since it not only took me two days to write it, but I couldn’t stay focused long enough to follow the very advice I was providing to others.  Of course, the irony of this was not lost on me and I couldn’t resist the humor of the whole situation.  Well, paper finally completed, I had nothing left to do but take my own advice: “Stop looking at a task as daunting or overwhelming.  Take it in small pieces until you have completed what you need to do.”

I realized that I had been looking at writing as if I had to complete a novel in one fell swoop instead of a daily blog one thought at a time.  I just needed to start.  How far this goes is anybody’s guess but I do know one thing, I have completed my “research” on Procrastination and I feel like I am on the path of going from Expert to Novice.  Perhaps if I had not been so great at Procrastination I would have never realized that the paper I was writing for others was indeed therapy for myself.

See you next Blog!

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