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United? We’re not!

I am and have been for quite some time growing weary of this overgrown playground game of Red Rover.  Red Rover, Red Rover, send the next politician over!  The fact that we are called the “United” States of America is a joke in itself.  Our government is probably the most divisive entity in the world.  It is an “Us” or “Them” concept that uses the average American citizen as pawns.  If we find ourselves on the wrong team then we lose.  I’m sure there was a good reason at one time for creating political parties, but I don’t see the benefit in them except to further divide people over beliefs, opinions, socio-economic status, race, and class.  What has sickened me the most is the amount of money that is being spent on campaigning to be the president and lawmakers while criticizing the state of the economy at the same time.  I am inundated with emails and telephone calls to give, give, give even after explaining my financial status and the fact that I work a part-time job just so one campaign can keep up financially with the other.  Then I hear about $25,000 dollar a head dinners to raise funds for another campaign.  And what do the American people get out of all of this spending? Countless television ads touting the positives of one candidate over the other, extreme negativity, misleading sound bites that only give a portion of a story, and false “I’ll take care of you” promises that never come into fruition because everybody in the house can’t play nice together.  Here’s a great idea, let’s have a “get the American people out of debt” fundraiser and use that money to pay down America’s credit card, allow people to go to college without having to choose between a degree and the basic necessities of life, having healthcare that everybody can afford, offering grants for people to start a small business or to help small businesses grow so they can hire people.  I think if a person really cared about the state of the economy, they would want that money to go to something that would be long-lasting and helpful and not something that is temporary like an election that is so vindictive and teaches our children how to use hateful tactics against another person to get what you want.

I’m a believer in showing me what I mean to you rather than telling me.  I don’t want someone who purchases the White House or any other public office telling me that they have the best interest of my family as their priority when all they can do is tear down the other guy or party to make themselves look like the lesser of two evils.  I will vote in November and for any other election because I truly feel like it is my duty as an American citizen to take part in the process, but in all honesty I have never walked away from a voting booth feeling like there was going to be a real change in how our government works because the roles are reversed.  Instead of the government doing the will of the people, the people are screaming to the top of their lungs telling the government what we want only to have them shake a finger in our faces and tell us “no, that’s not good for you” because they know better.

The audacity of government officials telling citizens that they don’t deserve healthcare because it came from the other guy or it’s going to cost too much while enjoying the benefits of income, healthcare, transportation, vacations, and other amenities at the expense of the American people.  It seems like we have hired an employee and given them this great benefits package and then having them tell us how they’re going to do the job we hired them to do and they don’t think we should get the same benefits that they have.  Voting is supposed to be the process of hiring employees that we think are going to do the job we need them to do that will garner the most benefits for the majority and firing those who have proven to not operate according to the job description.  What has happened is one group of people trying to get more of their people in positions of power that will benefit them and screw the rest.  Excuse me, but I feel some kind of way about this.

Ideally, I don’t think politicians should need to have extravagant fundraisers to try to convince people that they are the candidate who will do the best job.  In the end all it tells me is that your friends are richer than the other person’s friends and they can afford to spend more money than the average person.  Also, raising money doesn’t mean you are going to be a great president or government official, it doesn’t even mean that they think that you would make a great leader,  it just means that you have people who dislike the other person enough to spend any amount of money to replace them.

The really sad commentary is it really doesn’t matter who gets into office as the leader of the free world, until we limit terms on all the other people who are in office we will always have stalemates and governmental tug of wars at the cost of the American people.  I don’t understand why congressmen and senators can serve in a position unlimited as long as they are voted in and the president is limited on their time when that is the position where we need the most consistency.  As long as we have decision makers who are hell-bent on having their own way regardless of whether it is beneficial to the citizens they serve or not, progress will continue to be on a hamster wheel just going around and around without moving forward.  There will never be resolution to some of our most pertinent issues if we are voting for something one term and against it the next.  I am increasingly pessimistic about the state of our country and am just preparing for the worse.  The only comfort I have in all of this is that God is ultimately in control of it all and He will determine the destiny of this country.  God Bless America?  God Help America!

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