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People Just Be Saying Stuff…..

So here we are embarking on another election year and the time when people just be saying stuff.  I don’t need to regurgitate all of the ridiculous claims that have been spewed all over the media for the past several months….I’m sure we’ve all had our fill of that!  What I’m referring to here are the comments regarding President Obama.  I’ve heard numerous times that President Obama has been the worst President in the history of the United States.  President Obama has been a divider not a unifier.  President Obama has caused our economy to be in the worst shape that it has ever been in.  President Obama has cost people jobs and increased the cost of healthcare.  Oh and my very favorite…President Obama ain’t black enough, hasn’t done enough for the black community, and he’s a sellout…WHOA!!

Well, I don’t know what measuring tool was used for determining President Obama as being the “worst President in the history of the United States” but it couldn’t have been Watergate, Sex Scandals, falsified documentation for starting wars, or a failed economy that sent the housing market spiraling and thousands of job losses, if so, I must have been living in a different United States for the past 8 years.  I don’t remember seeing any of the above situations happening during President Obama’s tenure.  Also, I don’t remember a President who has not only had to endure the harshest of criticisms from the other political party, but the backlash from some in the black community has baffled my mind.  Now, I’m not saying that just because he’s black he should be automatically embraced by the community.  But I am saying that just because he is black, he shouldn’t be expected to do more for the black community than any other President has been expected to do.  The President of the United States is elected to represent ALL people and not be partial to a certain group, however, unless this person is a robot without preconceived biases, there are always going to be preference of some groups over the other.  What I don’t understand is why President Obama has been held to a higher standard in the black community than any of his predecessors just because he is black.  Is there some black code that he violated by not being a “brutha?”  I mean, damn, he danced to “Hotline Bling with Usher,” sang “Let’s Stay Together at a political rally,” sang “Amazing Grace at a funeral,” and “dropped the mic at the last White House Correspondence Dinner” yet he is still not black enough.  Hell, I’ve seen less blackness in my neighborhood!  It’s really disheartening that we (black folks) couldn’t even come together to at least celebrate the historical nature of President Obama’s election (TWICE) rather than find ways to cut him down even though the white folks (CONGRESS) were already doing a damn good job of that!  I get it…opinions are like assholes….everybody has one and you are surely entitled to do what you will with yours, but there is a fine line between opinions and criticisms and I find that people are much quicker to offer the latter when they themselves wouldn’t dare step foot in the shoes of the person they are criticizing.

Just a final word…the attached video from 2008 is a reminder of what was and how we need to WAKE-UP and take control of our rights as a people and a nation regardless of color.  Of course, that’s just my opinion.

Random Rants Wednesday

I’ve decided to take a brief break from recognizing National Poetry Month to get a few things off my chest.  These are some random rants that are currently on my radar:

Michelle Obama dancing: So the First Lady of The United States of America shook her groove thang during the Easter Celebration at the White House this past weekend.  She had some fun on the Jimmy Fallon show with the return of the “Mom” dance, and she challenged Ellen to a little dance off.  Several Conservative outlets have taken this as an abomination of one of the most dignified positions in America.  One headline talked about the how the First Lady “disgraced” the title once again.  Another says: “First Lady dons stretch pants and shakes her rump.”  Really people!?!  Since when is it disgraceful, disgusting, and undignified to show how using dance can be a way to live healthy and feel better.  I didn’t see the First Lady twerking on a pole or wall, dropping it like it’s hot, or grinding on some sexy young backup dancer as can be seen on any social media outlet.  She was dancing a choreographed dance that incorporated simple moves that children and adults can do to get moving, feel good, and be healthy.  That’s the message!  So all of you stuck-up, pompous, high and mighty stuffed shirts who wouldn’t know a rhythm if it jumped down your throat need to find a new life and get over yourselves.  I think the lack of respect in the coverage of the First Lady is much more disrespectful than anything she has done to address childhood obesity.  Maybe if they caught a beat every now and then, they wouldn’t have time to sit on their plump rumps and criticize our First Lady’s moves! IJS

Another Cop Shooting: I’m sure you have seen or heard of the South Carolina officer who gunned down a 50-yr. old man during a traffic stop and decided to use the popular adage of: “I was in fear of my life!”  Well, why not?  It worked for those other guys so he figured that was all he needed as justification for shooting and killing an unarmed man running AWAY from him.  Then he proceeds to handcuff the man as he lies on the ground dying.  The precedence has been set, right?  So imagine his surprise when he gets hit with a murder charge and denied bond!  Rut ro…Hey it worked for those other guys!

Something a little more personal: Okay so I’ve been trying to change my diet and eat healthier to feel better and lose weight.  So, of course, I check the internet for the advice, recipes, nutrition, etc.  Well as expected there are any number of resources but what is boiling my blood is all of the contradictions.  Eat plenty of wheat and whole grains says one…stay away from wheat adds another.  Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables advises another especially bananas which are high in potassium and other nutritional benefits to help with depression, joint pain, and stamina….bananas will make you fat and bloated says another.  Eat plenty of fish like tuna and salmon says one article….tuna and salmon are high in mercury and should be avoided reads another article.  Fried foods in moderation is okay….fried foods are the devil!  I’m soooo confused…should I just suck air and drink water?  Of course not, because the air and water are polluted and I’ll die from cancer. What’s a girl to do?….DANCE!

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