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Proud to be an American?

Okay, so I tried to sit quietly and stay in the shadows regarding the big Coca-Cola “controversy” but after reading comment after comment and tweet after tweet of grammatically incorrect rants, I’ve had enough!  The first thing I really need to get off my chest is this…IT’S YOU’RE PEOPLE!! IF YOU ARE TRYING TO TELL SOMEONE THAT “THEY ARE” SOMETHING YOU NEED TO USE THE CORRECT GRAMMAR!!! IT IS NOT “YOUR A DISGRACE TO AMERICA!” IT’S YOU’RE A DISGRACE TO AMERICA!”  Before you can require someone else to learn and speak English, perhaps you should brush up on your skills.  Secondly, While you are spewing your hatred about Coca-Cola using foreigners to sing “America the Beautiful” on your foreign made iPads, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, Kindles, Toshiba, Hp, Dell, Acer, Macbook Pro and other various laptops, while wearing your jeans, pants, dresses, slacks, leggings, shirts, tops, etc. that were made in China, Taiwan, Indonesia and the like, did you ever stop and consider the irony.  Here we are upset because someone wants to sing about how “beautiful” our country is in another language and we can’t accept the compliment because we are too busy being “Patriotic!”  That would be the equivalent of me being offended because a Spanish speaking person told me how beautiful my family is in Spanish even though we were all born in America.  So what we are saying is the only way America can be beautiful is if it is expressed in English.  What we are implying is that if someone sings a song about America in another language it changes what America stands for, what our Military men and women fight for, what freedoms we enjoy because of that service.  Sooooo…If a song about America is sung in another language than America is no longer America?  Does it then become this ugly, disgraceful cesspool of hatred? A revolting, poisonous, repulsive and disgusting land of people who are literally killing all that we stand for?  So, am I to understand that until Coca-Cola aired this “disgraceful” commercial about….wait what was it again…oh yeah SODA…America was beautiful, loving, caring, equal, a land of brotherly love, a land where everyone cared about their neighbor regardless of what they looked like or where they came from?  America was the land of milk and honey where trials and tribulations ceased from troubling us…but alas…Coca-Cola changed all that with a little ditty in another language!  Oh pardon me for being so sacrilegious in my description of the sacred song of “America the Beautiful”, but I just want to make sure I’m understanding exactly what took place.  I want to understand why I should be outraged.  Believe me, I do not take this lightly!  I am fully aware of how this insensitive act on the part of Coca-Cola is going to affect the future of this great nation we live in.  I mean really Coca-Cola!!  How am I supposed to look at you the same?! How am I supposed to hold my head high and proclaim to be a native…oops…resident of this great country if you insist on desecrating it by allowing our native…oops…national hymns to be sung in a foreign language?!  

My fellow Americans who have taken to facebook, twitter, online news media, television, and radio, I applaud you for not taking such tom foolery sitting down!! We must stand for what is right and decent in this country and we will not be mocked by a soda company who will not respect how…ahem…BEAUTIFUL America is!!  And here I was thinking I lived in a place where people only thought about themselves!!  Way to go!!


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