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Disappointment is as much a part of life as breathing.  I have learned that no matter what the vision, there will always be some challenges, roadblocks, and detours along the way.  Now this is not to say that the vision will not still come to life, just that the way we see it may be skewed a little based on circumstances.  I have had enough of these to almost consider myself an expert.  My expectations with plans have consistently been thwarted by some unforeseen event or a decision or choice that I made along the way that caused me not to be in the best situation for success.  Once again I find myself in the cloud of disappointment and as comforting as it would be to just give up, I somehow find an ounce of determination to try try again.

While this may seem like a work of futility, I would feel more of the failure if I allowed disappointment to determine my fate in life.  I know that there is a perfect plan for my life and I continuously sabotage it by seeing what I think is right for me and getting ten steps ahead of the plan.  Slowing down has never been a method of living for me because I’m afraid I will move so slow that it will eventually look like I’ve stopped.  However, slowing down or even stopping just for a moment to really take in all that I’ve done and how horribly wrong it has turned out may be just the action that is needed to get on track.

I’m always expecting something that looks really easy to be just that and I don’t understand why it works so well for others but turns out to be another pit fall for me.  The fact of the matter is that I am trying to fit my square peg into someone else’s round hole (hmmmm…that sounds suspect).  Let me clarify, I am looking on the outside of myself and seeing what I think should be my life instead of looking at who I am and realizing what is my life.  I create my own disappointments because I think what I see in others should be what works for me.  This revelation hopefully will be the ending of so many disappointments and the beginning of truly living my honestly authentic life.

Peace and Blessing


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