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Portrait of A Poet

Since it’s Throwback Thursday, I dusted off this little diddy that was written a few years ago…it’s also an ode to Allergy Season…you’ll see!

Portrait of a Poet

I could continue this ongoing fight, but what would I really gain
The way I see it, the true victory will only come when I lay down the weapons of battle

and start the peace talks all over again
This battle can easily be discontinued by letting the enemy know that I no longer believe in

or fear its power or lack thereof

How does one profess to being a writer when they are afraid to write?
Afraid of the venom that may leak out once pen meets paper
The fear of revealing one’s true thoughts, feelings, emotions, triumphs, failures, flaws, and character

can be very strong deterrents in achieving a career as a writer.

However, the flip side of this coin is that many have found great healing of some of these same ailments

just by simply voiding their souls onto a piece of paper and thereby

ridding themselves of these restless spirits to move forward to a more peaceful plane in their lives.

How is it possible to fear the one thing that I want most in life? Can I really be afraid of the exposure?

What will my writing truly reveal if I were to allow pen and paper to become the tools for which my soul uses for healing? Am I afraid of the revelations that the answers to these questions will bring?

This mirror is getting more and more difficult to look into.

It feels as though it’s spring and the weather is warm, the breeze is blowing just gentle enough

so that the curtains will dance a slow rhythmic waltz once the windows are opened.

The flowers are presenting their best colors and the world seems to be at peace with itself

and then I close my eyes and revel in nature’s symphony of new birth as the birds chirp in harmony.

I take a deep breath ready to inhale all the aromas of the earth and just when I begin

to feel the deep commune with God, Heaven and Nature


Writer Unblocked

I started blogging just over 7 months ago because I felt it would help me with my writer’s block.  I thought if I had an outlet to jot down my thoughts then I would be motivated to write on a regular basis.  The juices flowed slowly for a couple of months and then quickly dried up.  I didn’t understand what happened! Surely, I had something to say…being speechless just wasn’t a part of my character.  But here I was at a loss for words; or was I?  What was really happening was not writer’s block but writer’s overflow.  I have had so many things to say, talk about, comment on, and rant about that I couldn’t get the thoughts organized enough in my mind for them to flow neatly to this blog.

Well, I have finally found a formula that will, hopefully, rectify that situation.  Recently, I had to do a project for work that included writing an advice piece for students on how to stop procrastinating. As I was typing that paper, I realized that I wasn’t really qualified to write this paper since it not only took me two days to write it, but I couldn’t stay focused long enough to follow the very advice I was providing to others.  Of course, the irony of this was not lost on me and I couldn’t resist the humor of the whole situation.  Well, paper finally completed, I had nothing left to do but take my own advice: “Stop looking at a task as daunting or overwhelming.  Take it in small pieces until you have completed what you need to do.”

I realized that I had been looking at writing as if I had to complete a novel in one fell swoop instead of a daily blog one thought at a time.  I just needed to start.  How far this goes is anybody’s guess but I do know one thing, I have completed my “research” on Procrastination and I feel like I am on the path of going from Expert to Novice.  Perhaps if I had not been so great at Procrastination I would have never realized that the paper I was writing for others was indeed therapy for myself.

See you next Blog!

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